Comments allows the team to have one priceless conversation getting and providing feedback right over the designs and prototypes.

Adding comments


  1. At the workspace, activate the comment tool by clicking the comment icon in the toolbar or pressing the C key.
  2. Click a place at the viewport where you’d like to leave the comment. If you want the comment to appear at the view mode leave the comment inside an artboard.
  3. Write your comment at the text box.
  4. Press Post to leave the comment or Cancel to not do it.

How to reply a comment

  1. Open a comment by clicking at its bubble (a circled number).
  2. Write your comment at the text box at the end of the comment popup.
  3. Press Post to leave the comment or Cancel to not do it.

Mark threads as read

Mark a thread as read using the checkbox at the comment box to make it disappear from the comments notifications at the dashboard.


Edit and remove comments

At the top right of the comment popup you can find options to edit or delete comments.

Dashboard notifications


At your projects Dashboard you will be able to see if you have unread comments inside the files of the team.

Comments at the View mode

You can activate comments at the View mode by pressing the comments icon at the top navbar.

Note: the View mode shows only artboards so the comments placed outside artboards will not show here.