Technical Guide

Technical Guide #

Self-hosting Penpot #

This section details everything you need to know to get Penpot up and running in your own machine.

  • In the Install with Elestio section, you can find how to open an Elestio account and create your Penpot instance.

  • In the Install with Docker section, you can find the official Docker installation guide.

  • In the Configuration section, you can find all the customization options you can set up after installing.

  • Or you can try other, not supported by Penpot, Unofficial options.

Integration with external apps #

The Integration Guide explains how to connect Penpot with external apps, so they get notified when certain events occur and may create your own interconnections and collaboration features.

Developing Penpot #

Also, if you are a developer, you can get into the code, to explore it, learn how it is made, or extend it and contribute with new functionality. For this, we have a different Docker installation. In the Developer Guide you can find how to setup a development environment and many other dev-oriented documentation.