Speed your workflow with the reusable power of components.

A component is an object or group of objects that can be reused multiple times across user files (projects and teams in the future). All copies of a component used in user files are linked. That is, any update made to the Main component is reflected in all component copies (if you accept the update) . You can even create overrides for specific parts of component copies.

A component has two aspects:

  • Main component is the source that defines the component. Main components exist only in the library, not in the viewport.
  • Component copy or instance, is a copy of the Main component that is placed at the viewport. Component copies are linked to their Main component.
  • Create a component

    To create a component:

    1. Select an object or a group of them
    2. Press Ctrl + K or right click and select the option “Create component” at the object menu.


    Update main components

    To update changes to a Main component:

    1. Make a change in a component copy.
    2. Right click and select the option “Update main component” at the component menu.


    If a file is using a component from a Shared library that has been updated, a notification will be shown offering the options for update or dismiss.


    Component overrides

    Overrides are differences at the copy components from their main components. With overrides you can keep changes at the component copies while maintaining synchronization with the Main component.

    Component layers with overrides are marked with a “*” at the layers list.


    Reset overrides

    Right click and select the option “Reset overrides” at the component menu to get it to the state of the Main component.

    Detach instance

    Detach a component copy to unlink it from its Main component will transform it in a group layer. Press Ctrl + Shifth + K or right click and select the option “Detach instance” at the component menu.

    Show main component

    To easily show the Main component of a component copy there is the option at the component menu “Show main component” that will open the library where the component belongs.