Import and export files

You can export Penpot files to your computer and import them from your computer to your projects.

Importing files from other tools and services are among the main priorities of the Penpot team. Related features are coming soon.

Export Penpot files

Exporting files is useful If you want to share Penpot files with a user that does not belong to one of your teams or you want to have a backup of your files outside

To export a file select the export option from the file menu at the dashboard and a .penpot file will be downloaded to your computer.

Import / Export files

Export multiple files

Select multiple files to export them at the same time. An overlay will show you the progress of the different exports.

Import / Export files

Exporting files linked to Shared libraries

Exported files linked to shared libraries provide different ways to export their assets. Choose the one that suits you better!

  • Export shared libraries: Files with shared libraries will be included in the export, maintaining their linkage.
  • Include shared library assets in file libraries: Files will be exported with all external assets merged into the file library.
  • Treat shared library assets as basic objects: Shared libraries will not be included in the export and no assets will be added to the library.

Choose the one that suits you better for each occasion!

Import / Export files

You can also export a file from its main menu at the design workspace.

Import / Export files

Import Penpot files

The import option is at the projects menu. Press “Import files” and then select one or more .penpot files to import.

Import / Export files

Before actually importing the files to your project, you’ll still have the chance to change their names or get rid of unwanted files.

Import / Export files