Exporting Objects

In Peynpot you can setup export presets for different file formats and scales.

How to Export

To export an object you need to select it and at the Design panel add an export preset pressing the “+” button of the Export section.

Export presets can be also found at the View mode with the code tab activated.


Remove Export Preset

To remove an export presets you have to select the object and then press the “-” button at the export preset you want to remove.


Export options

The options of an export:

  • Size - Options for the most common sizing scales.
  • Suffix - Especially useful if you are exporting at different scales.
  • File format - PNG, SVG, JPEG.

Multiple Export Presets

You can set as many export presets you need for the same object. Set multiple exports to get the same object in different scales and/or formats with just one click.


Export Artboards to PDF

If you have a presentation made at Penpot you might want to create a document that can be shared with anyone, regardless of having a Penpot account, or just to be able to use your presentation offline (essential for talks and classes). You can easily export all the artboards of a page to a single pdf file from the file menu.